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Welcome to Ellie's Handbags

Who is Ellie?

I made Ellie the Elephant when I was five years old for my mum.

A few years later I started to make my own clothes with a borrowed hand sewing machine. This sparked a life long passion for sewing from soft furnishing for the home to clothing and toys for my three daughters. I also enjoyed crafting handmade items for my friends and family.


I started making bags when I could not find anything I liked for myself and have since made numerous bespoke bags at the request of my friends and family.

I strive to create a bag that is not only beautiful but strong and sturdy and If I can not find a suitable pattern I create my own. 

The bags are truly individual as I never use the same fabric design twice in any bag pattern.


A small stuffed elephant called Ellie, treasured by my mum for 50 years inspired the creation of "Ellie's handbags".



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