Individually unique handbags created and made by myself 



A range of accessories including cosmetic bags, purses and glasses cases handmade by myself. 



Bag charms

Handmade bag charms and zipper pulls to compliment your bags and purses.


Welcome to Ellie's Handbags

Who is Ellie?

I made Ellie the Elephant when I was five years old for my mum.

A few years later I started to make my own clothes with a borrowed hand sewing machine. This sparked a life long passion for sewing from soft furnishing for the home to clothing and toys for my three daughters. I also enjoyed crafting handmade items for my friends and family.


I started making bags when I could not find anything I liked for myself and have since made numerous bespoke bags at the request of my friends and family.

I strive to create a bag that is not only beautiful but strong and sturdy. I like to design my own patterns but occasionally I will use one from a specialist pattern designer.

The bags are truly individual as I never use the same fabric design twice in any bag pattern.


A small stuffed elephant called Ellie, treasured by my mum for 50 years inspired the creation of "Ellie's handbags".



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